Every year in September, many new children enter the kindergarten. At this time of year, some children will feel psychological pressure, strangeness and even fear because they are not accustomed to new environment or are unwilling to contact new environment and new people.From now on, parents need to prepare their children for kindergarten in order to reduce their separation anxiety from their parents.Spend a month developing your child's life skills and habits.
Kindergarten life,
It's a big change for a baby
Before entering kindergarten, children spend 2-3 years with their families, eating, drinking and playing at home.When I was 3 years old, I suddenly had to get along with teachers and strange children. I had to eat, drink and take a nap in a strange environment.
Prepare in advance,
In order to reduce the "one-month illness" after entering the garden.
The cultivation of children conforms to the life skills and habits of the kindergarten, which can make the children do the least change after entering the garden, so that the life before and after entering the garden can be easily connected, so that the baby has enough spirit to adapt to the new life of the kindergarten, conducive to the baby's good mood, and also conducive to reducing the "January 1 disease" after entering the kindergarten in autumn.
Prepare your child mentally
Let children know the kindergarten in advance
Take your child to the kindergarten near your home or the one you have decided to visit in the future. Watch other children do morning exercises and play games.Let the child know that every child should go to kindergarten, it is a beautiful, fun and happy place.Instead of suddenly sending your child to kindergarten without any preparation.
If possible, it is ok to allow children to take several parent-child classes in the kindergarten they are going to attend, then transition to adaptation classes (one to two hours for children and independent classes), or even allow children to enter the kindergarten in advance during the summer vacation.Familiarize the child with the kindergarten environment in advance and increase familiarity and intimacy with the teacher, rather than gathering with other children to cry in the kindergarten in September.